True Happiness


Rather than just addressing "problems" such as those I listed on the home page, presence-based therapy is primarily focused on where it is going. This is not a system of "symptom reduction." It is rooted in an ancient method designed to help us realize our deepest longing: True Happiness

Peace/calm - by learning to ground ourselves in the present moment, we see that much of our stress comes from unnecessary, ruminative thinking.

Insight - When we can compassionately observe, the thought and belief patterns that are the core of our misery reveal themselves and can be dissolved.

Self-worth - Compassion and insight are powerful allies in learning to see our inherent, immeasurable value, and to truly appreciate the way we are. We can begin to deeply enjoy our own company.

Improved Relationships - When we can enjoy our own company, we are more relaxed and open to others. We have a greater capacity to truly “be there” with them. 

Emotional connectedness - Being grounded and compassionate allows us access to our heart and all of our deep feelings, permitting us to love ourselves and others in a deep way. We can be vulnerable, which research has shown to be a critical variable to feeling fulfilled in life. 

Courage/Bravery - Through the unwavering support of presence, there is a sense that whatever happens is “ok.” We are definitely ok. So, there’s nothing really to lose.

Aliveness - when we are in the moment we get a true sense of the truth of our existence, our aliveness, and the ever evolving richness of being.

Success - When you let go of the outcome, you enjoy what you’re doing more, thereby increasing the likelihood of positive, albeit unanticipated, results.

When you (are present), you'll see that everything you've ever wanted and wanted to be you already have and are."
- I (Heart) Huckabees